A Documentary On The Life Of Author Emma Hannigan Will Air On RTE Next Week

The acclaimed author died last year aged 45.

RTE is set to air a documentary on the life of author Emma Hannigan who passed away last year.

The writer, who had published over a dozen books, died in March of last year following an 11-year battle with cancer.

The documentary will features interviews with close friends of Emma’s  including  those who she made an impact on including Rachel Allen, Cathy Kelly and Olympic gold medalist Katie Taylor.

In a short clip, shared by Emma’s husband Cian, Katie shares her memories of Emma:

I couldn’t believe how encouraging she was. She was a person to look to. But she was the one who was saying to me that she looked up to me and that I was her hero. I just couldn’t believe that. I just think she was the most humble person I ever came across.

Emma’s heartbreaking Facebook post, just two weeks before her death, in which she revealed her illness was terminal, shocked and saddened fans all over the world.

“Faced with very little time can I tell you what screams out at me? Love,” she wrote at the time.

“Nothing else has much meaning anymore. Just the love I feel for the people I hold dear. My two babies (ok they both tower over me, but I’m still allowed call them my babies) my husband, my parents, my family, my friends and readers. Yes you guys are up there on the short list. You’ve been an integral part of my existence and have championed me and held me in your virtual arms.  The love in my heart is all that matters now. I am broken-hearted at having to say goodbye so if it’s alright we’ll say farewell instead…”

The documentary will air Tuesday 7th of May at 7pm on RTE One.


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