The Big Bang Theory Is Getting A Brand New Spin Off

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It all started with a Big Bang!

And then we went back in time.

Now, well we aren’t quite sure what’s next!

It was announced on April 12th by Max network that The Big Bang Theory was getting another spin-off. This comes just 4 years after the series finale of the beloved 12 season show. It was quickly followed by the prequel spin off entitled Young Sheldon which is now in its sixth season.

You will be delighted to hear that creator Chuck Lorre is once again at the helm, having created and introduced us to some of the best and most loveable characters tv has to offer us, Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Amy and Bernadette.


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He has since brought us equally as excellent character over the past six seasons of Young Sheldon, a show based on the titular Big Bang Theory character Sheldon, as he navigates life as a child prodigy turned theoretical physicist and spoiler alert, joint noble prize winner.

So there’s no doubt we will love whatever Chuck has for us next.

Sadly we will have to wait to unravel this brand new spin off’s mysteries as plot details have remained under wraps for now.


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The Big Bang Theory originally aired from 2007-2019 over a total of twelve seasons before a finale date was decided as a result of Jim Parsons desire to leave the show. Fans were shocked to hear of the titular characters departure effectively putting an end to the show.

Chuck Lorre acknowledged the actor’s departure last year saying: “There was a lot of crying in the room—Kaley, in particular. It was a blow. And there was no way to soften it by giving them a heads-up. I didn’t know any other way to do it”.



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