A “Ferocious” Puma Is Threatening To Ruin Pippa Middleton’s Wedding This Weekend

It's on the loose just two miles from where she'll marry James Matthews.

Pippa Middleton will marry her fiancé James Matthews at St Mark’s Church, Englefield on Saturday, but local villagers are concerned that a jungle cat is on the loose and could ruin her big day.

The cat is said to be 5ft long and weighing around 200lbs, and has been seen in Bradfield, Berkshire, just two miles from where the wedding will take place.

Derek Collier told the Mirror that he came across the wild cat while driving through the area, and that, “It must have been a puma going by its size and colouring.

“It was stood about 20 yards in front of me and right in my headlights and took up about two thirds of the road,” he said, “It was there for about ten seconds then it disappeared up the bank and into the bushes.

“It was a bit of a shock to say the least. It must have been five feet long from head to tail.” Sounds terrifying.

With approximately 300 guests expected to make their way to the area on Saturday morning, we hope everyone keeps their wits about them.

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