A Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Reboot Is On The way

This time it'll have a dark twist

The synonymous sitcom of the 90s is about to be back on our screens, but not quite like we’ve seen it before.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the sitcom that had us belly-laughing on the reg will be rebooted as a TV drama series, with Will Smith at the helm again.

News of the show got out what Will saw a clip that went viral, reimagined the sitcom as an intense drama. Seeing the video, he thought the gritty version of the show was a great idea, calling it “The Fresh Prince for the next generation.”

Feeling inspired by the trailer, it now looks like that generation is about to get their very own Fresh Prince, with Will now teaming up with Morgan Cooper, who created the parody clip.

What we know so far, is that the drama will be titled ‘Bel-Air’ and will be set in modern-day America, following the story of Will as he leaves his hometown of West-Philadelphia to move into his Uncle’s home in LA.

Will’s role will be producer alongside the OG Fresh Prince creators Andy and Susan Horowitz too.

When the show will be on our screens is not yet known, but the Hollywood reporter has said that Netflix, HBO Max, and Peacock are all bidding to stream the series once it’s ready to go.

Aaaand now we have to apologise for getting the theme song stuck in your head all day.



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