A Kim Kardashian Doppelgänger? The Drama Surrounding The Kardashian CK Campaign

Twitter speculates the latest Kardashian controversy.

The Kardashian Calvin Klein campaign has gone viral since its reveal, for more reasons than one.

The spring-summer 2018 campaign, titled Our Family, featured all the Kardashian/Jenner ladies, excluding Kris, and made its debut across the family’s Instagram pages over the last number of days.

In a statement about the campaign, Calvin Klein said “The evolved #MYCALVINS concept has family at its centre, a display of unity between strong individuals, further emphasised by the symbolism of the traditional American quilt. This campaign captures these bonds and brings to life different ways we can inspire families—both born and made—to connect with one another, and celebrate the things that unite us.”

Not only do the pics feature all of our favourite ladies in the one place, but it’s also the first time fans have seen Kylie Jenner on social media since her disappearance from the public eye back in October.

The images have only added fuel to the fire in the midst of Kylie’s pregnancy rumours, with every photo showing Kylie covering her stomach – or potential baby bump?

Fans have also noticed Kylie’s lips, which appear to be significantly smaller than usual, leading to speculation that she let her fillers dissolve as they are “not safe during pregnancy”.

The rumours surrounding Calvin Klein’s latest campaign don’t end there. Fans seem to think that Kim was replaced with a lookalike for the shoot, with close-up photos of her on Twitter looking, well, not quite like herself.

The campaign only leaves us asking more questions: is Kylie pregnant? Does Kim have a doppelgänger or are Calvin Klein guilty of photoshopping her beyond recognition? We can only imagine what the world’s most controversial family will throw at us next!

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