A Man On First Dates Ireland Claimed He Lost His Virginity To A Ghost And We’re Both Confused And Intrigued

The Irish Twitter craic was mighty

First Dates Ireland came back on our screens last week, and boy have we missed it.

Never quite sure who or what you’re going to get, the story a man told of how he lost his virginity to a ghost certainly caught our attention.

A Limerick man Rob Mac opened up about losing his virginity to his date, Leona, and it was equal parts spooky and bizarre.

Explaining that he’s been hypersensitive to paranormal activity from a young age, Rob explained a time when he moved home with his mother at the age of 16, shortly after their move he realised that their new house was “extremely active”.

Rob went on to claim that he was haunted by a female ghost named Molly, who he sparked a connection with and eventually lost his virginity to.

“She’s a white entity, she would come into my room, stand in the corner, look at me and smile” he said.

“One night she came into the bedroom dressed in a white bedroom, and she got on top of me and yeah”

Even more bizarrely, Rob’s date Leona didn’t seem all too phased by the tale, admitting that she herself believes in paranormal activity.

But, spooky stories aside, Irish Twitter was at it’s absolute best having got wind of the story and immediately the banter kicked off.



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