A Sneak Peek At Paul Mescal’s First Role Since Normal People

With Derry Girl's writer, Lisa McGee involved it's sure to be good!

The pictures of Paul Mescal clutching tins of pink gin are just not enough. We’ve scrolled though the Connell’s Chain Insta account more times than we care to admit, we’ve bought our other half a pair of GAA shorts and we’re on our third watch of Normal People. We are in desperate need of new Paul Mescal content and it seems we might be in luck.

Paul’s latest venture is a TV show called The Deceived. The Channel 5 series will be his first role since hit show Normal People catapulted him to fame. The program is set to be a psychological thriller starring Emmett Scanlan and Emily Reid.

The Deceived follows an English student, Ophelia as she has an affair with her lecturer, Michael who is married. Their relationship leads to a tragic death and we see our protagonist, Ophelia trapped in a world where she can no longer trust what is real and what isn’t.

Some promo shots as well as a trailer have been released, giving us a sneak peek into the 24 year old’s latest role and so far we’re intrigued at what to expect. With Derry Girl’s writer Lisa McGee and Tobias Beer in charge it’s sure to be good.

The show will be a four part series and was filmed between Northern Ireland and Cambridge. The air date is yet to be released, so we’ll keep you posted on that one!


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