A STELLAR Sit Down With Niamh Regan Ahead Of Other Voices

We caught up with the folk artist to find out what's on her Best List!

Photo Credit Julia Alicante

Niamh Regan got into music like many children in Ireland do – “through the tin whistle!”

The Galway based folk artist has always had a grá for music, but this year was the first time she had that defining moment; the realisation that this is where she wants to be, she tells STELLAR.

And it’s been an especially busy year for Niamh; from finishing up her second album to touring Australia and Switzerland, she’s been riding the “rollercoaster” of a burgeoning career in the musical world.


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This Thursday 28th, Niamh will be heading to the Other Voices stage in UCC to perform tracks from her critically acclaimed debut ‘Hemet’. We sat down with her to see how she’s getting on, and to find out what’s on her Best List!

Aside from tin whistling back in primary school, Niamh tells us she grew up in a family where “there was always music on in the background. My mother was a musician, my dad is really big into music, and so is my brother. So it was always a very natural thing. It always felt like it had a place, and it just grew every year more and more.”

As for her “rollercoaster of a year”, Niamh shares that Australia sparked serious joy. “[It was] my first time really doing a tour of that length. That was really exciting and I learned so much.


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“It was kind of a moment where I was like oh, this is what I want to be doing. I just need to figure out a way of doing it that feels really good, moving forward.”

Most recently, Niamh has been performing in Switzerland with Pauline Scanlan and Westport band Tulsk. She has a “deep love” for traditional music and tells me that even though she’s moved away from it, it was “really nice to share a stage with people who are still doing it”.  In fact, she had such a “lovely experience” that she’ll be heading back for a solo tour next year.

Of course, we couldn’t let Niamh go without getting an insight into her gorgeous personality the best way we know how: the Best List!

1. The best holiday I was ever on:

When I was really young we went to South Africa, it was just a really beautiful holiday. It was like a two week, package thing, my first time in Africa. I remember my brother having a torn ligament or something, hobbling along on crutches, and I felt sheer freedom and bliss being able to run around *laughs*. But it was a really nice family holiday.

2. The best advice I was ever given:

Not to keep looping things back to my second record! But the sentiment that inspired it was really, ‘come as you are’. That kind of idea of wherever you’re at, turn up and keep going. It’s also the title of a great Nirvana song.


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3. My best dinner party dish:

I’m not that great at cooking – sometimes just grilling vegetables Mediterranean style. I like to keep it simple and hope someone else will do something fancy!

4. The best thing in my wardrobe right now:

Ohh this is an easy one! My blundstones. I have like three different pairs…they’re waterproof, they’re so comfortable, and I just love them with jeans.

5. The best book I’ve ever read is:

That’s a tricky one. I used to be a really big reader, and I haven’t been reading as much lately. So I’ll say what I’ve read most recently that I really liked; the Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté. I really loved it.

6. The best tv show I’d rewatch again and again:

I really liked the American Office, or The Flight Of The Concords. I liked them ages ago, I’d probably like to see them again. Or maybe Breaking Bad!


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7. The best gift I ever received:

I don’t want to be cheesy, but you know when someone comes to visit you…makes the effort, flys over, spends time with you, that’s a good gift. Time is always a good gift!

8. The best movie I’ve ever seen:

I really liked Taxi Driver, I’ve seen that a few times and I still like it.

9. The best place in Ireland is:

I do like Galway City. It’s very small and I do want to get out of it every time I’m in it *laughs*, but it is nice. And I’ve a soft spot for anywhere in Connemara. Ah just full, county, Galway!

10. The best song to play live is:

I guess I quite like singing a song I wrote called Freeze Frame. Every time I sing it I feel totally different, it’s always fun and it hasn’t gotten totally boring. You know when you do something loads and loads the meaning can kind of get shaved off it, but this one always seems to find its own vibe.

11. The best thing about playing Other Voices:

Well, the team are amazing at Other Voices. I’ve played the Dingle Gin Music Trail and I did it during lockdown, I can’t even name names, it’s just everyone: the sound engineers, the lighting…you just feel really taken care of. No matter what level of a musician you are, they treat everyone the same. I learn so much every time I’m dealing with them. I’m so honoured they’d even give me the time again. A big fan of Other Voices!

12. One of the best things that ever happened to me was:

I’m gonna sound like such a cheeseball, but it’s meeting my partner. That’s the best thing.

Niamh will play Other Voices in UCC on Thursday alongside acts like Picture This, Wallis Bird and Bricknasty, among others.

You can tune in to their YouTube live stream here to catch all of the tunes, live!