A Week Inside My Wardrobe: We meet Blogging Sisters Jane And Ruth Flanagan

Multi-talented sisters Jane and Ruth tick all the boxes. They're creative, smart, gorgeous and well on the road to success. Plus they have a beautiful wardrobe which they let us have a glimpse inside.



 Names: Ruth & Jane Flanagan
Ages: Ruth (22) Jane (26)
Website: style-ignite.com
Instas: @styleignite

Two sisters. Two very different styles.

Jane is a qualified chef from Ballymaloe and studied textile design in NCAD, while Ruth has a degree in Visual Merchandising and Display. And it’s out of these two opposing interests that their fashion and food blog Style-Ignite was born.

We caught up with Ruth and Jane to chat all about their weekly wardrobes.


Jane, what is it that you do? What exactly is a food stylist?

I’m an assistant food stylist to Orla Neligan of Cornershop Productions and a commis chef at Sprout & Co. A food stylist prepares food for photography. It’s their job to make the food look as attractive as possible by using the most fresh ingredients and suitable props to set the scene and enhance the photograph. The pictures of food that you see in cookbooks, magazines and food brochures have all been styled by a food stylist.

Interesting! What does it take?

A good eye, a love of food and lots of creativity.

What’s your daily dress code like?

I work in the kitchen so I look forward to getting out of my chef clothes and into something more feminine when I come home. I like to be comfortable when I’m on photoshoots because I move around a lot, but I still dress in a sophisticated way. You would usually see me wearing a shirt dress or a pair of culottes with a blouse or top.

Screenshot 2016-07-08 10.24.49

How about you, Ruth?

I work in New Look in the Jervis Centre as a visual merchandiser. It’s an early start at 7am  and then in the afternoon, I intern at Primark Head Office on the Womenswear Design team.


What does your work for Primark entail?

I research up-and-coming trends which has always been something I’ve been really interested in. I also assist with styling and visual merchandising.

What would we usually find you wearing?

I’m constantly running around the store so comfort is key but I still have to be stylish. You’ll find me wearing a pair dungarees or skinny jeans with runners. In Primark, I like to be a bit dressier.

What is it like working together so closely? Any sisterly tiffs?!

We live together in an apartment in the city so we’re pretty much side by side 24/7! We definitely have our moments but most sisters do don’t they? We’re best friends. We find working together really easy as we both agree on the same things and have the same goal.


How would you both describe your individual styles?

J: Very feminine and classic. Even though I studied print textile design I don’t usually wear a lot of print. I look for good quality fabrics and colours to suit my skin tone. I think it’s important to tie an outfit together with accessories

R:My style is more sporty and relaxed, during the day anyway. I love dressing up when I’m going out so at night I look a lot more girly. I think scandi style is the best look: it’s simple, eclectic and minimalist.

Any style icons or inspirations?

J: Maria Bernad, her style is amazing.

R: On the red carpet, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley always rocks it.


Favourite places to shop?

J: For high-street I like Mango and Zara. If I was spending a bit more money, I like The Kooples and Selected Femme in BT2.

R: I like & Other Stories and Mango. For a special occasion I usually buy from Sandro or Maje.

Favourite countries to shop?

J: London is always great for shopping but my greatest ever shopping experience was in Tokyo. Everyone there dresses so well and there’s so much variety!

R: When I was living in San Francisco I found the most amazing little vintage stores in The Mission District. The clothes were great quality and great value.

What are your go-to brunch/lunch outfits?

J: A classy dress and sandals
R: A shirt tucked into a skirt or a dress

Screenshot 2016-07-08 10.15.42

Are you both big foodies?

Most definitely! We grew up on a farm in Co.Louth and were brought up on wholesome food. Our brother has free range hens and rears tamworth pigs at home too. We like spending our money on food and will try out new restaurants whenever we can.

Where are your favourite places to eat?

J:  Strandfield Farm in Dundalk is a hidden GeM and I love Forest Avenue for Brunch.

R: My favourite place for lunch would also have to be Strandfield Farm in Dundalk. For brunch I love Slice in Stoneybatter, Herb Street or The Fumbally Cafe in Dublin.

Best meal you’ve recently had in Dublin?

J: I just recently worked on Brother Hubbard’s cookbook and got to try all of their new recipes which were amazing. They do a really nice mezze sharing plate which I always get when I go there.
R: Rustic Stone’s fillet of beef on the stone and truffle chips, it was to die for.


Are you healthy eaters or do you like to indulge?

We’re very healthy eaters. There was never any junk food allowed in our house growing up. The nearest thing to a treat would have been a plain McVities biscuit!

Do you follow fitness regimes? If so, where do you get your workout gear and where do you workout?

R: I usually join a gym and work out three months before a holiday. Before I went to Croatia in May I was a member at The Spencer Hotel. I tried to follow Kayla Itsines guide but found it very tough. The rest of the year I go for walks or runs in the Phoenix Park as it’s right on our door step. I recently just discovered that there is Yoga in the Park every Saturday morning at 11am so I’d love to start that. I would usually wear Nike for my gym clothes.

Screenshot 2016-07-08 10.36.39
J: I discovered pilates whilst living in New York and loved that. I usually have a gym membership but I’m finding it hard at the moment to fit it in with my busy work schedule.

So I go for a walk or run in the park. When I was in school I played on the Dublin Basketball team, I’d love to go back it was great for keeping fit. Our older sister lives in San Francisco and If we’re lucky she sends us over Lululemon leggings! They’re insane!

What are you wearing this summer?

J: Culottes, mid length dresses, jumpsuits, off the shoulder tops, neck scarves.
R: Sling back kitten heels, neck scarves, short skirts, tailored shirts and shorts.