Accurate? This Study Has Revealed Something Super Lovely About Middle Siblings

Older siblings may be the smartest, but middle kids are a pretty deadly bunch too by the sounds of it.

There’s no rivalry like sibling rivalry, but if the results of this study are anything to go by, then it’s middle siblings who are the ones most likely to put a stop to the squabbling and initiate a kiss and make up.

Why’s that? Because apparently they have the biggest hearts. Nawww.

According to the study, undertaken by the University of Redlands and the University of Arizona, middle kids are generally more selfless and more concerned with other people’s wellbeing.

Crucially, they also tend to be more generous and want to give more back.

Basically that means that the Kim Kardashians and Chris Hemsworths of the world win the crow for nicest sibling. Something to think about the next time you’re asking your middle sister for a lend of her top or your brother for a lift into town, eh?

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