Adam Collard Reveals He Is Dating Again Following Split From Love Island GF Paige Thorne

Two trips to the Love Island villa, but Adam is STILL looking for the one


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Adam Collard is still looking for love!

The reality star entered the Love Island villa, not once, but twice in his search for the one. With his latest stay in 2022, seeing him pair up with Welsh paramedic Paige Thorne. The pair became an item and we’re living their best post-villa lives.

But the couple called quits in September in one of the messiest breakups Love Island has seen. With videos emerging of Adam cuddling another girl while with Paige. The Scotsman denied any cheating allegations, but soon after their split, Paige claimed he had, in fact, been unfaithful.

And now even after all that, Mr Collard hasn’t given up on finding his true love. Opening up to The Sun, Adam confessed he is back in the dating scene.

Saying: “I am dating again now. Do you know what, as much as I have been a little bit ruthless in the past with relationships and yes I’ve ended things when it has started to not work out, I am actually a bit of a hopeless romantic.”


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And it seems Adam isn’t looking for something casual either, believing that there is a special someone for everybody.

As he explained: “I do think there is someone for every person and I want to go and do all the things I like to do with someone else.”

“I want a wife and kids as much as the next person.”

The fitness guru also opened up about his split from Paige saying it “is probably a little bit my fault.”

After the initial videos of Adam with his arm around a girl in McDonalds leaked in September, his initally statement denied any infidelity.

Saying through a rep: “Adam headed to McDonald’s after a night out with friends.”

“His friends were alongside him when a group of girls asked for photos and Adam being his friendly self was open to posing and chatting to the girls, alongside other fans who wanted to chat in the same video.”

“Adam understands how this video looks but wants to state that he left the restaurant with his friends and a box of 60 nuggets (with nothing or no one else) with the intention of getting home safely. Adam and Paige are currently dating and Adam only has eyes for her.”

But a month later, Paige shared her side of the story, claiming she had been sent evidence of his cheating.

Speaking on the Saving Grace Podcast, she explained: “It’s not just them videos, there are other videos that other people don’t know about, so it’s a lot more to the story. Of other people, on the same night, in different locations…”

Asking about these other videos, host Grace asked if there were bedrooms involved, to which Paige answered, “More like VIP toilets…It’s fine, keep it classy babe always.”