Adam Levine Just Apolgised For Making A Total Eejit Of Himself On Twitter


Adam Levine of Maroon 5 fame has had to majorly back track, after calling out MTV on Twitter this week.

The singer posted a scathing tweet, chastising MTV for supposedly dissing Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino in this year’s VMA nominations.

We all rememeber This Is America, Gambino’s hard-hitting video that made headlines when it was released earlier this year, leaving it a shoe in for VMA recognition, or so it seems.

Levine took to Twitter to voice his highly dis-satisfied opinion on MTV’s diss of the video.

There’s only one problem… he was COMPLETELY wrong!

MTV have actually nominated This Is America for not one, not two, but SEVEN (!) Video Music Awards… we have no idea who was informing Adam, but he might need to reconsider taking their advice in future.

So the She Will Be Loved singer had to backtrack big time, and tweeted an apology (sort of) to MTV and the VMAs.

We’ve all spoken too soon and hit the roof prematurely, but we think the stars over 8.6 million twitter followers are all collectively cringing for him right now…