After A Long Struggle With IVF, There’s Exciting News For Cameron Diaz And Benji Madden!

"Opening up to this possibility has lifted a weight off their shoulders."

They’ve had a long and unfortunately unsuccessful struggle with IVF, but thankfully Cameron and Benji’s dream of becoming parents may soon be realised as they have reportedly taken the decision to adopt.

A source told OK! that 44-year-old Cameron struggled with the IVF process: “She says it was brutal on her body, she gained weight and her moods fluctuated wildly.

“They were so locked into the idea of conceiving, but they ended up constantly crushed. Opening up to this possibility [of adoption] has lifted a weight off their shoulders.”

Cameron and Benji married in 2015, and they often talk publicly about their love for one another.

“It’s been one of the most inspirational things in my life watching a woman be so courageous… she’s got so much integrity. I’m a lucky guy that I get to experience that,” Benji has said of his wife in the past.

There’s no doubt that they’ll make super supportive and loving parents, and even though they haven’t gone through the adoption process just yet, they’ve already picked out a name for the little fella.

OK! reported that “Cameron wants to name him Emilio,” after her father who passed away in 2008.

You’re about to become a very lucky baby, Emilio, wherever you may be.

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