AJ Pritchard’s Girlfriend Abbie Quinnen Left With Third Degree Burns After Social Media Stunt Goes Wrong

The dancer has had to undergo multiple skin grafts and surgery since the accident.

AJ Pritchard’s girlfriend, Abbie Quinnen was left with third degree burns after an accident at home engulfed the upper part of her body in fire.

The dancer, who lives with her boyfriend AJ and his brother, Curtis, was filming a video for social media at home. The pair had been recording ‘life hacks’ for their social media channels to keep themselves busy during lockdown.

One of these ‘challenges’ was to make a wine bottle into a vase, this involved wrapping it with a chemical soaked piece of rope and setting it alight. This should have halved the wine bottle, but instead the flames got out of control.


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Abbie, who was apparently leaning on the counter was caught by the flames, with her hair and upper body catching light.

Quick thinking AJ managed to put out the flames with a wet tea towel and called an ambulance, with Curtis eventually driving the couple to A&E.

A source speaking with The Sun revealed; “Abbie was in agony and the brothers knew they had to get her to hospital straightaway to get her burns treated.”


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Since then, the 23-year-old dancer has had to make over 20 visits to the hospital and has needed three skin grafts.

The source further revealed that they are advising their fans and followers not to attempt this dangerous trick; “AJ and Abbie want to warn others about the dangers of trying to emulate these sorts of video at home.”

“They don’t want anyone else to go through what Abbie has been through or to suffer.”