Aldi Now Sell Teepees For Your Pet

Can't hack the wholesomeness

If you don’t treat your dog, or cat, or whatever family pet you own like absolute royalty, then you’re doing it wrong. That is, according to Aldi.

Releasing their range of pet goodies. The brand has just dropped their collection which includes all the basic animal stuff  you need like squeaky toys, blankets.. oh and teepees.

Yep, that is correct. For €15 you can now buy your pet their very own teepee, perfect for them to hang out in, take naps, and plot their world domination.

Ideal for the littler breeds, there are sizes available for cats and itsy dogs. But, slightly bigger doggos do not fear, you can still get in on the cosy action.

Also included in the range is this dog sofa, so dogs that are too big to fit inside the teepee can still be comfortable little kings and queens this winter season.

We felt it fit to note that we also appreciate this cat igloo, that attaches to your radiator so your furry friend can toast their little paws. – Anyone else hoping they’ll release some human-sized ones soon.


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