Alexandra From Love Island Has Shown The Aftermath Of Her Intense CO2 Laser Facial

She's "extremely happy" with the results.

At the beginning of January, Love Island star Alexandra Cane shared that she had an intense, not to mention expensive, CO2 laser treatment on her face. The facial, which cost just a mere £2,775, left the reality star’s skin feeling “painful and uncomfortable”, and looking, to be frank, bloody terrifying.

Now, the 27-year-old has uploaded a lengthy YouTube video detailing the experience, and the clips from the immediate aftermath are enough to make anyone shudder. Here she is the day after the treatment was done.

At the beginning of the video, her doctor warns her: “You’ll feel like you’ve been sunburned for about 24 hours after the procedure, that’s normal.” He wasn’t wrong anyway!

Alexandra revealed she was prescribed antibiotics after having the facial done, however they didn’t agree with her and she was up all night vomiting. The poor gal was still holding out hope everything would work out, reassuring her followers that “all of this skin is going to shed off and regenerate new skin.” If you say so…

Alexandra then reveals her face at the end of the video after her skin has healed mostly, with and without makeup. We’ll admit, she looks fabulous, but she did before the extreme facial, too! Although she reveals she’s happy with the results, Alexandra doesn’t downplay the seriousness of such a strong laser treatment.

“The whole process is quite traumatic. I’m not going to sugarcoat it at all. If you’re thinking of having this treatment done, please enter it with so much caution and do your research. It’s not something you need to enter lightly.”

You can watch her entire skin journey below. Be warned – it’s not for the squeamish!



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