All Our Favourite Looks From Niamh Cullen’s 90s Themed 30th Birthday

This whole event is a vibe!

We all love a good theme party, but when people take it seriously, go all out and actually nail the aesthetic, it brings a whole other level of satisfaction.

Niamh Cullen is quite the pro at fancy dress in general judging from previous Halloween looks, so when it came to her 30th birthday party the execution was no less than perfect.

The influencer had a 90s theme party celebrating with all of her friends, and a host of familiar faces pulled out all the stops for the occasion.

If you’re looking for some 90s outfit inspo for some upcoming festivals, parties or just life in general, we’ve gathered some of our favourite looks from the night!

Niamh Cullen


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Of course the birthday girl had to be first on the list, from the hair to the makeup and those sunnies, love! Butterfly tops and body chains at the ready Niamh was every inch the 90s icon and we are here for it.

Louise Cooney


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The influencer embodied her best Jenna Rink for the night as she wore the iconic dress from 13 Going On 30 and rocked it. Her 90s updo is hair goals and we need to start a petition to bring these 90’s hairstyles back for good, who’s with us? Thirty flirty and thriving is right.

James Kavanagh


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Okay first of all, can we actually say this group as a whole? They are nailing the aesthetic and this picture is everything. But we do have to give James a shoutout for his outfit, simple but effective, it’s giving Princess Diana meets 90s jock (we expected no less). The comfort level looks ideal for dancing the night away while still being on theme, we adore.

Bonnie Ryan

Pic: Instagram/Bonnie Ryan

Just a day after celebrating her legal marriage ceremony Bonnie looked gorgeous in her denim dungarees, choker and gorge sunnies, sunglasses 24/7 it’s the 90s after all. Her updo was very Mary-Kate and Ashley, queens of 90s trend setting, very on brand Bonnie!

Niamh Cullen – second look

As the birthday girl, Niamh had a second look for the night, as she should. The second outfit gave Paris Hilton 21st birthday vibes, iconic! She looks fab!

The party looked like loads of fun, from Guinness with Niamh’s face on it, to even the bathrooms being decorated and a surprise performance from Chasing Abbey it looked like the perfect birthday celebration.

We are sure there will be more pictures posted over the next few days, we can’t wait to see even more from the 90s dream party.

Happy birthday Niamh!


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