All The Things Team STELLAR Is Loving This Week

Enjoy, yeah?

It’s the weekend – and it’s almost July.

Who could have ever foreseen? If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got a jam packed weekend filled with Taylor Swift, Pride, GAA, gigs, and more… the list goes on, honestly.

But before all the mayhem, why not take a look at what Team STELLAR have been loving this week?

… Freshly baked breads

There’s just something about fresh bread… in the morning… when you’re mildly hungover.

Such was my experience today when I went to pick up my post and noticed a rather large box of delicious sourdough bread from O’Hara’s of Foxford.

And let me tell you, I had my weekend food plans sorted then and there.

The Mayo baker has just launched their new brand, Baker 51, delivering artisan quality bread made using locally sourced ingredients right to your supermarket.

The range includes sourdough cobs, viennas, and even a fruit loaf. I’ve already tried the traditional cob with some eggs and butter, and honestly, it was sublime.

… A stunning highlighter

Beauty trends come and go, but the humble (and stunning) highlighter is here to stay.

Whether you’re more of a liquid or powder girl, if you’re into a subtle glow or a striking blend, you can’t go wrong with a dewy, gorgeous glow.

One of my favourites at the moment has got to be Benefit’s Dew-La-La (bonus points for incredible product name). The new highlighter gives a sheer, effortless glow that can be applied under or over foundation, or mixed in with your moisturiser for a natural looking, hydrating finish.

It also contains sunflower seed oil for softer skin, hyaluronic acid for moisture, and niacinamide to help the skin tone look brighter and more even.

Dew-La-La comes in six stunning shades and is sure to be your fav beauty product of the summer.

… A gorgeous new bag


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I’m generally not much of a handbag gal.

I like to fill my pockets with cards, phones, earphones, and keys, and complain when they go missing, even though it’s entirely my own fault.

However, I recently acquired a gorgeous little number from Irish brand Sómas, and I am low-key obsessed.

The burnt orange Freya Cloud bag may look teeny, but it fits so, so much inside – really! A statement piece to add to any outfit, as well as being super handy with a removable cross body strap so you can take it to any event.

Check out more of Sómas’ collection here. 

… Spicing up my life

If there’s one thing I love, it’s spice.

Spicy margs, spicy noodles, spicy soup… you name it, and chances are I’ll want a bit of a kick in there.

Irish brand Favourit recently partnered with SuperValu meaning that their delicious spices will now be available in select supermarkets around the country.

Favourit boast 40 spices and herbs from cajun seasoning to chilli flakes to garlic salt. BBQ szn, anyone?

… A solid rebrand

If you’ve ever gotten on a plane out of Dublin or Cork airport, you’re probably familiar with the Loop.

Who among us doesn’t love a good wander around Duty Free, picking up fragrances, skin care, spirits, and makeup? It’s an airport ritual, after all.

Well, the Loop has just rebranded to Dublin & Cork Airport Duty Free, and you can save at least 15% on top brands airside compared to what you’d pay on the high street.

It’d be a shame not to do your shopping there, really…