All You Need To Know About Joe Biden’s Eldest Grandchild, Naomi Biden

Some interesting facts about the 27-year-old law graduate.

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The Biden grandchildren certainly made a statement at the 46th Presidential inauguration when they rocked monochromatic looks (including face masks!) to watch and celebrate their grandfather, Joe Biden being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy Biden and their cousin Natalie Biden made a statement when they stepped out in their show-stopping looks on Wednesday, with special praise to Natalie Biden who would give Elle Woods a run for her money in that stunning bubblegum pink fit from Lafayette 142 New York.

But now that we’ve been briefly introduced to the grandchildren, we’re doing a deep dive to find out more about the eldest grandchild and most public of the lot (for the time being), Naomi Biden.

1. She was named after her late aunt, Naomi Christina Biden

Joe Biden and his late wife Neilia Hunter Biden had three children together, Robert “Hunter” Biden (Naomi’s father), the late Naomi Christina Biden, and the late Joesph “Beau” Biden.

Joe Biden’s late wife Neilia and daughter Naomi passed away in a tragic car accident in 1972. His son Joesph “Beau” Biden later died age 46 from brain cancer. Robert “Hunter” Biden is the only surviving child from Joe and Neilia.

Robert went on to have four children, naming his eldest after his late sister, Naomi.


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2. She graduated with Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany

Naomi Biden and Tiffany Trump both graduated from the same class at the University of Pennsylvania in 2016. Naomi then went on to continue her studies, recently receiving a law degree from the Columbia Law School.


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3. Naomi’s grandfather Joe Biden was the keynote speaker at her graduation

A proud grandfather, Joe Biden gave the significant speech and words of wisdom to the graduating class from Naomi’s law school.

You can watch the speech below

4. Naomi created a business with her boyfriend

The 27-year-old recently created an online tool with her boyfriend which helps people work out if they are eligible for CARES Act benefits.


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5. Naomi’s boyfriend Peter Neal is a legal journalist

According to the Legal Executive Institute, Peter Neal is an associate editor of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, a Vice President of the Penn Law National Security Society, and a member of the Future of the Profession’s Student and New Alumni Engagement Team.


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6. Her sisters keep a low profile

For now, Naomi’s younger sisters and cousin Natalie keep a low profile online, with all of their personal accounts on private and visible to just their friends.


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7. The whole family is extremely close to their grandfather

Naomi is often posting pictures of her grandfather Joe Biden, and it’s believed that the family talk almost everyday. The grandkids were also noted as the driving force behind their grandfather running for presidency, appearing in many of his campaign videos.


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We cannot wait to see and her more of what Naomi does next. You can follow her on Instagram @naomibiden