Amanda Bynes Has Returned To Social Media And She Looks Completely Different

You wouldn't recognise her in this latest snap.


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Amanda Bynes has returned to social media this week, sharing a picture on a newly named Instagram account. The 34 year old deleted everything from her Instagram earlier this year and renamed it “matteblackonlinestore”, this is is the first time she has posted on the account.

The Nickelodeon star has been open about her struggles in recent years with both her mental health and ongoing substance abuse.

After a string of erratic behaviour beginning in 2013, in which she was hospitalised for 72 hours hours after starting a small fire, and a series of tweets in 2014 about her father abusing her, it was clear the star was mentally unwell.

Amanda’s mother was first granted conservatorship of her daughter in 2013, and this was later extended to August 2020. Much like Britney Spears, this is when a judge gives a person who is struggling with either physical or mental limitations a guardian or protector.


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In February of this year she announced on social media that she was engaged to Paul Michael. Seemingly she broke up with him three days after and then reunited again 24 days later.

This period of her life was well documented in the media, with Amanda also sharing a snap of an ultrasound the following month captioned “Baby on board!”

Her lawyer later had to make a statement to say this was untrue, and her parents were aware of the engagement but would not approve it under her conservatorship.


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Since 2010, Amanda has retired from the acting world but before she did so, she starred in one of our fav rom-coms, Easy A, with Emma Stone. It was her last film to date, however she said her perception of the movie and acting was warped entirely due to her near-constant Adderall and marijuana abuse.

“I was high on marijuana when I saw that but for some reason it really started to affect me. I don’t know if it was a drug-induced psychosis or what, but it affected my brain in a different way than it affects other people. It absolutely changed my perception of things.”

After retiring, she said she would be “stoned all day” and it wasn’t until her parents intervened that she got her life back on track. She decided to get into fashion design and has since completed her Associate’s of Art degree in Merchandise Product Development.


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Amanda began this new period of her life after some time at an involuntary psychiatric clinic in California and has also recently celebrated fourteen months of sobriety. It would seem that attending art school has had quite the impact on Bynes as she has debuted an entirely new look. This weekend she shared a picture, with no caption and she also has comments disabled on her account.

Showing off her new black hair, septum piercing and glasses we wouldn’t even recognise her! Hopefully this is the beginning of a fresh start for the actress.


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