Amber Rose Is Getting Backlash For Promoting Flat Tummy Pregnancy Tea

Yep, an actual pregnancy one.

Let’s be honest, there is rarely a day when Jameela Jamil isn’t hitting out at someone over their careless comments or actions on social media, but this may be the worst one yet.

The Good Place actress, who has declared war on detox tea has often calls out celebs like the Kardashian/Jenners for their shameless promotion of diet products. And quite right tbf.

This time around, she’s coming for Amber Rose for promoting Flat Tummy Teas for PREGNANT people.

The model took to Instagram with baby bump on show to talk about bloating (?!)

“Okay listen up flattummyco just launched an Organic Pregnancy Tea to help us moms with those bloated, nauseous, blah feeling days! It’s safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding,” she said.


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She then added: “This is not a detox tea – it’s specially designed to help reduce occasional nausea and support digestion during pregnancy – haters stop riding the bandwagon and think for yourselves.”

Whether the tea is safe or not, there’s something very wrong with promoting the idea of a flat tummy when you have a human growing inside you.

Jameela took to social media to call her out tagging the The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who monitor quality control.

“FLAT TUMMY PRODUCTS FOR… PREGNANT WOMEN? Is this FDA approved? Are we… fucking… KIDDING? @US_FDA”  she said.

She then added: “So many women, with such big platforms, promoting such irresponsible fuckshit, that it blows my mind.”

Jameela wasn’t the only one who was pissed off by the ad, as lots of her followers on Instagram also called her out.

“Another shameless ad for “magic tea” perpetuating the need to have a flat tummy… Now aimed at pregnant women! Ily. You’re supposed to be a feminist. You have enough money. Seriously just stop,” one follower said.

“Imagine drinking something called flat tummy when you’re pregnant. Oh, lord..” another said.

Another pointed out: “That bloating is called a baby…”