Amy Austin, Dublin’s New Dog Friendly Wine Bar Is Here

Wine and dogs? Say no more.

We’re almost over the sluggish depths that are winter, so that means we’re getting closer and closer to longer evenings. One way to spend those longer evenings is going for after work drinks, but it’s even better when there’s dogs allowed. There’s just something about dogs in pubs or bars that brings so much JOY.

Cue, Amy Austin. Opening on Dublin’s Drury Street this Thursday, 20th February, Amy Austin is seen as a wine bar for wine lovers, with good food too. Because you know, best of both worlds.

Seating few than 30 diners, it’s cute and intimate, with fab decor and a whole lot of wine. Amy Austin offers 12 wines on tap across white, orange and red, available as 150ml, 500ml or 750ml servings. Available by the bottle there’s a further 15 whites, 15 reds, 2 sparkling, 2 orange and 5 non-alcoholic wines. The wine selection, representing all major regions and a few niche ones too, will be refreshed regularly with guest wines by tap and bottle. Plus, they also have 25% off wine every Monday and Tuesday, 2 plate deals every day ‘til 6pm. Ideal.

Opening from tomorrow and just in time for the weekend, it’ll be packed with humans and dogs alike.