Amy Huberman Stars On The Latest Issue Of STELLAR, Out Now!

Amy talks about the passing of her father, dealing with grief and getting through tough times.

It’s an autumn special this month. Our September/October issue has hit the shelves and it’s as pumpkin-spice-meets-chunky-knit as you can get.

Yes, if you’re like us and there’s just something about the nights getting a little darker and the weather getting a little bit colder that makes you feel an unexplained sense of giddy and excitement, well, get ready because this issue of STELLAR is here to get you ready for AW22.

From the clothes to shop now, the trends that will be everywhere and the beauty to stock up on, we’re going to have you ready and set.

Taking to the cover this month is the fabulous Amy Huberman. After a rough few months since the passing of her dad, Amy chats with us about how life has been, the hard process of dealing with grief and how she’s got through the tough times. Amy also spills some exciting news about her latest book The Day I Got Trapped In My Brain, which is available to pre-order online now!

For this issue we’re also talking the “big M”… money. Speaking with experts, we get some advice on sorting out that cash with a tactical approach.

And as there’s been a lot of happenings in the world of celebs, we discuss the EmRata and Sebastian Bear-McClard cheating scandal and why being “hot” has nothing to do with trust. Plus, we chat about the politics of a name change – wait, no more JLo?

It’s all in this month’s issue, out in shops nationwide now for €2.20.