Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence’s Most Recent Texts Are Refreshingly Like Our Own Whatsapps

"Good talk."

We would love to be invited to one of Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence’s get-togethers.

The pair are super close friends, and share a similar sense of humour – Jen recently roasted Amy in a toast at Amy’s own wedding, saying:

You’re the matriarch now and it’s a role you’ll be really good at, and I know you love fiercely. I wish for you patience, which you don’t have.

LOL. But as it turns out, even they can’t make plans over text.

Amy was on Ellen DeGeneres’ show yesterday to talk about her new film I Feel Pretty – Ellen asked her to reveal her most recent texts to J Law, so she helpfully posted them to her Instagram Story:

This could easily have been a screenshot from any of our Whatsapp groups – plans made, plans cast aside, ultimately ending in no plans at all.

Haha I can’t get dinner tonight I have plans

Good talk

Love to see that Amy actually has J Law in her phone as ‘J Law’. Stars, they’re just like us!


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