Amy Schumer Explains Why She Legally Changed Her Son’s Name

She noticed an unfortunate coincidence.

Amy Schumer has revealed why she legally changed her son’s name before he even turned one month old.

Explaining that it was nothing to do with disliking the name, the 38-year-old comedian had a change of heart when she realised how much the name sounded like a body part.

Her son, whose name was formally Gene Attell, has now been changed to Gene David to avoid confusion with the name sounding like the word genital.

Not ideal.

Amy and her husband, Chris Fischer, decided to name their son Gene Attel after fellow comic Dave Attell. However, it was weeks later when the pair noticed that the two names together a little too well.

“Do you guys know that Gene, our baby’s name is officially changed?

“It’s now Gene David Fischer. It was Gene Attell Fischer, but we realised that we, by accident, named our son ‘Genital’,” Amy revealed.


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It’s believed that Amy and Chris named their son Gene after Gene Wilder – American actor, singer-songwriter and producer.

Amy and Chris got married in 2018, in a ceremony in Malibu. The pair were expected to start a show later this year on the Food Network, however, it’s unknown as to whether or not that will kick off as normal now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Amy and Chris in the meantime have been filming themselves in the kitchen during lockdown.


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