Amy Schumer Had The Best Response To Being Namechecked In The New Gilmore Girls Trailer

Lorelai and Rory are BIG fans of hers, apparently.

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After years of hoping and months of anticipation, last night the world was finally treated to a glimpse of the Gilmore Girls revival.

Launching on November 25th at 8am Irish time, the four-part comeback will be an up-to-date look at how life has turned out for the Gilmore clan. And if last night’s sneak preview was anything to go by, there’ll be enough fast-paced banter to keep diehard fans of the show satisfied.

Plus a lot of 2016 pop culture references – one of which has already caught the eye of a very familiar face.

The trailer opens with Lorelai asking a (now VERY grown-up) Rory if she thinks Amy Schumer would like her, something which Rory answered with a very definite “no,” citing Amy’s love of “watersports on vacation” as the reason.

The namecheck didn’t go unnoticed by the real-life Ms. Schumer, who quickly tweeted to clarify that usually she’s happy to just “lay there” on vacation and has only actually done watersports twice.

As for what she would REALLY think of Lorelai:

Phew. Thank God that’s cleared up.


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