Amy Schumer Has Slammed An Instagram Account For Editing A Photo Of Her

"This is not good for our culture."

Amy Schumer has criticised an Instagram account for heavily editing a photo of her.

The image was created by an account under the name ‘Get Insta Ready’ that edits people’s photos for a fee. Twisted, we know.

“I will edit your pictures and make you feel confident and look Insta ready for only $5 per photo,” the page said in a previous post, according to Harpers Bazaar. “Want to look skinnier or thicker? I got u! Want to get rid of acne? I got u!”

Amy commented on the photo in which her face was edited beyond recognition saying: “Woof this is not a good look for our culture, I like how I look and I don’t want to look like the carbon copy of this one type of woman you feel is the best way to look.”

The picture used by the account was taken at the premiere of Amy’s movie, I Feel Pretty, which promoted an inspiring message to encourage women to love themselves in their own skin.

The post and Instagram page both appear to since be deleted.


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