An Old TV Clip Of Louis Walsh Grabbing Mel B’s Bum Has Resurfaced, And People Are Disgusted

This is really not ok.

An old clip from a 2014 episode of The Xtra Factor has resurfaced in which Louis Walsh can be seen grabbing Mel B’s bum – and people are quite ticked off about it.

In the video, Louis can be seen with his arm casually slung around the back of Mel B’s chair, but as the interview goes on, Louis drops his hand down and grabs Mel’s bum:

After Louis pats her bum, Mel stops the interviewer Sarah-Jane Crawford and asks him, “Why are you grabbing my butt?”

Louis replied that he was just ‘looking after’ Mel B and host Sarah-Jane then told him: “Louis! Hands where we can see them please!” Simon also told Mel that she had nothing to worry about, saying “Honestly you’re safe.”

Louis then attempted to laugh off the situation, but Mel B shifted out of reach from him, visibly disturbed.

Understandably, the resurfacing of this video has gotten a lot of people talking and fans have been quick to voice their opinions over the incident:

A lot of people are also referring to to the fact that Louis Walsh is allegedly gay, which is presumably what Simon meant by saying ‘you’re safe’ to Mel when she called him out – according to them, sexuality has nothing to do with it.

US rapper Waka Flocka Flame even tweeted his disgust about the clip:

Neither Louis Walsh or Mel B have commented since the clip resurfaced.