Another Adaptation Of The Great Gatsby Is Coming

We're not sure if anything can top the Leonardo DiCaprio version...

Another The Great Gatsby adaptation is on it’s way, and we’re excited. The classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel has been brought from page to screen multiple times, the most recent being Baz Luhrman’s 2013 film.

Having Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby is going to be pretty hard to beat and this version was a massive hit, achieving almost $52 million dollars at the box office in the US when it was first released.

This new adaptation however, is not going to be a movie. Instead, viewers can expect a TV series this time, produced by Michael Hirst. The much-loved novel is in great hands here as Hirst is behind many other well known dramas including The Tudors and Vikings.


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He has promised that this new version will be a modern take on the story, and much like Netflix hit Bridgerton, it will be exploring the world Fitzgerald created through a 2021 lense. That means we can expect to see lots of diversity for one thing.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter he said; “Today, as America seeks to reinvent itself once again, is the perfect moment to look with new eyes at this timeless story, to explore its famous and iconic characters through the modern lens of gender, race and sexual orientation.”


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“Fitzgerald’s profoundly romantic vision does not prevent him examining and exposing the darker underbelly of the American experience, which is why the story speaks to both tragedy and hope, and why it continues to resonate today.”

We can’t wait for this! So far there is no news on casting or a release date, but it will be aired on ITV.

TBH, the one thing we can’t get over in all of this is that the Leonardo DiCaprio version is eight years old…


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