Ansel Elgort Shared A Nude To Help Raise Money For A Good Cause

This is the kind of chaotic celeb energy we crave

Celebs far and wide have been employing all kinds of tactics to help raise money for various charities amid the COVID 19 pandemic.

Some have been singing, others have been promoting, but Ansel Elgort? well, he’s been taking pictures of himself nakey.

The Fault In Our Stars actor shared a nude that he took in the shower on his instagram, and kindly asked his followers to click on his ‘Onlyfans link’ in his bio.

Now, before you go racing off to Ansel’s insta to have a peek, we’re sorry to report that the snap was taken down, due to violating Instagram’s nudity policy.

However, luckily for us, there are screenshots, and as we know, screenshots last forever.


The link in his bio still stays put, however, and while it doesn’t actually link to an Onlyfans page (Onlyfans is a platform for models, influencers, and sex workers to share pictures with subscribers that are far too racy for the gram), but it actually brings you to a GoFundMe for a Brooklyn hospital.

The page was set up to raise funds for a charity service that brings meal deliveries from local restaurants in New York to hospital staff and first responders at Brooklyn hospital.

Later addressing the nude on his story, Ansel said that his tooshie most definitely helped to bring in the bacon, as at the time of posting the page had raised over $207,000.

“So thanks a lot. Looks like it was worth it. Unfortunately, Instagram told me I got to take my post down because it’s nudity. So I’m gonna take it down. he said.

“Maybe I’ll repost the version that cuts a little higher. Sorry if I offended anybody, but I think we did a good thing. My dad took the picture by the way – he was mad I didn’t give him credit.” he continued.

Well, these times are indeed troubling, but at least we have things like Ansel Elgort’s charity nude to keep us going. Here’s hoping it becomes an ongoing challenge, Jamie Dornan, we’re tagging you.