Aoife Walsh Has Opened Up About Life As A Single Mother

"It’s just me & P"

Model Aoife Walsh has opened up about being a single parent to her daughter Penny in a recent Q&A on Instagram.

One follower asked: “Are you with Penny’s Dad? Don’t answer if too personal. Not judging, just curious xxx” to which Aoife simply replied: “No, it’s just me & P.”

After answering the question, Aoife was inundated with messages from followers praising her and sharing love, and many relating to her story.

One follower wrote: “You are some woman Aoife. A great role model for working Mammys”, while another said: “As a single mommy to a little girl who’s just a bit younger than Penelope, I love seeing your stories and how much you do for her x”.

Sharing screenshots of her lovely messages Aoife wrote: “Thank you for every gorgeous message & DM. They never [go] unnoticed”.

The 33-year-old previously shared her engagement journey before having to cancel her wedding due to Covid-19. Aoife keeps her personal life quite private including her daughter Penelope, only showing glimpses of her in pictures mostly the back of her head.

Aoife previously told VIP Magazine that her daughter takes after her, joking that she has a “mini-me” at home.

“She’s a little mini-me, she has red hair and blue eyes. I think she’s a real girl’s girl. We’re just enjoying it,” she joked.