Some Reality TV Stars Have Received Death Threats Because Of Recent Trips To Dubai

Many social media stars have been escaping restrictions for sunny shores.

Not a day goes by at the moment when we don’t see an influencer jetting off to sunny Dubai for ‘work’. We usually get to scroll through their endless bikini pics whilst we’re flaked out on the sofa in our lockdown tracksuit.

It’s been a source of much anger over recent months, as Covid-19 cases soar in the UK and Ireland, it’s difficult not to be frustrated sometimes as some social media stars escape restrictions for sunny shores.

However, it has recently been reported that some of these stars have been receiving death threats online for these trips abroad.


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An agent, speaking anonymously with The Mirror revealed the news; “We manage their social media accounts and I’ve seen a number of death threats in direct messages.”

This comes after the agent advised an influencer not to travel abroad; “It’s been relentless. We warned them not to travel abroad while a lot of the nation is under severe restrictions as it’s a terrible look, but they ignored it.”

So how are they allowed to travel when the rest of us are told to stay at home? Apparently this is because they say it’s for ‘work’ which certainly seems like a loose way to interpret working during a pandemic.


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“A lot of what constitutes work for them is doing vlogs or posting Instagram shots advertising diet drinks. It’s work but in a very loose sense.”

“But it’s enough to allow them to travel – the free hotels offered in return for publicity are doubtless a nice perk too,” the agent continued.

The sending of death threats and abusive comments is not something anyone could condone and is especially damaging for someone’s mental health.

However these constant trips abroad are angering the public and we do hope that everyone can just stay at home and keep safe instead!

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