Are We Getting A Love Island All-Stars Series?

Plus, will this year's series stop with the cliffhangers?


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This feels like something we need…

A Love Island producer has hinted that an ‘all-stars’ series of the romance reality show could be on the cards for the future.

Mike Spencer, executive producer of the show has let fans know that he is open to doing a series of the show that would bring back the iconic contestants of the past for an ‘all-stars’ series.

Taking to Reddit the producer wrote, “I would personally love to make an All-Stars in the future with past Islanders across all series. What do you think?”

Fans, of course, were all for this with one writing “Yessss! I’ve been saying this for ages. Think it would be incredible.”

Mike was answering a lot of questions during the Reddit Q&A including one about the controversial format of the previous series, you know the “TOMORROW NIGHT” endings? So frustrating, but so damn entertaining…


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One fan wrote, “Will you please STOP ending episodes at the fire pit? Makes only the first 15 minutes of every episode the most dramatic. Ending on a cliffhanger is not it.”

Mike answered like a true reality show producer, and tbh we don’t blame him. Standing by the episode ending decision he said, “So in terms of ending the episodes at the fire pit I have to say I think sometimes it’s brilliantly entertaining to end on a cliffhanger. I think if we ended the episode with everything revealed you would be left dissatisfied when you tuned in the next night?”


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Hmm we aren’t sure how we feel about this… It is satisfying seeing a reveal at the start of a new episode, but we think we’d prefer to find out who is leaving at the end of one, don’t worry Mike we will still be firmly planted on the sofa the next night to catch all the drama of the aftermath!

The new series of Love Island is approaching very soon with what’s expected to be the longest series yet hitting our screens on June 6th!

We are absolutely buzzing, summer has officially started!


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