Are We Getting New Music From Beyoncé? The Beyhive Might Have Just Got A Major Hint

The beyhive is buzzing with rumours of Beyoncé's new music!


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What is summer without a great sound track? Let’s face it for some reason the songs we listen to while soaking up the sunshine always seem to hold a special place in our heart. But while 2022 has some strong contenders for songs of the summer, a big music release might be just around the corner, that could define this season.

As Beyoncé might have new music coming out.

The beyhive is buzzing with rumours of a music release, thanks to some hints on Bey’s social media.

Across platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, the singer has removed her profile picture, leaving it blank.

Leave it to Beyoncé to have a viral not-photo!

The sudden change sent fans wild as people immediately began speculating that new music was on the way. Deleting social media is a popular tool used by celebs to promote their new work, so it does seem like something new is on the way.

And fans cannot wait, sharing their excitement on Twitter, with #beyonceisBACK trending.


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Bey is well known for her surprise album drops, with her self-titled 2013 album being released in the early morning, without any promotion. While her last album, Lemonade was also released without warning in 2016.

So while she would typically go for no hints, deleting just her profile picture, as opposed to all her photos and posts, is a subtle clue that would work with her style.

Of course, it might not be music she’s working on. Beyoncé also has an extremely successful clothing line, Ivy Park, and some fans are thinking it could be new designs she’s releasing.

So will Beyoncé’s music define our summer, or her clothes be the season’s new obsession? Either way it’s going to be the summer of Beyoncé and we couldn’t be happier.


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