“Are You Okay, Hun?”: Suzanne Jackson Responds To Online Hate And Negativity From Fans

"If you’ve an opinion or a shitty rumour about me and you share it to create drama, then you’re very sad."

Suzanne Jackson

Suzanne Jackson has been receiving lots of negative comments online since revealing why she’s discontinuing her fashion line, and last night she responded to the backlash via Snapchat.

“My snaps are open all the time, and I chat to you all the time, I try to reply to everybody,” the brunette business woman began, “And a couple of people have snapped me and brought a couple of horrible conversations about me to light, and they kind of asked me if I’m okay about it.

“Truth be told, I’m fine about it because I’m in this business a long time. I’ve seven years taking shit, and horrible things being said about me that aren’t true or are just really mean and hurtful.

Suzanne Jackson

“That’s society now, and it’s really bad that I have to say that but that’s the way it’s gone. But I’m totally fine about it. Those people seem to be following me a lot closer than my real followers, so that says one thing, I think.

“So if you don’t like me, or if you’ve an opinion or a shitty rumour or a horrible thing to say about me and you share it at any given moment to create drama, then you’re very sad.

“And I would be saying ‘Are you okay, hun?’ And ‘do you like yourself?’ Because it doesn’t sound like you do. Because when you’re happy in yourself and you’re happy for other people, you don’t try to tear people down on social media. And if you’re that kind of person who tears people down on social media, I feel really sorry for you.

“I like to keep things upbeat and positive when I’m chatting to you guys. At the end of the day, I’m a human being. I’m just like you on the other side of the phone, I’m no different. Anyone who knows me and who’s met me will say the same. I am the exact same on Snapchat as I am in real life. I’m not fake, I don’t try to portray that I’m perfect. I’m human.”

We can’t imagine what it’s like to have such a huge following and be the target of negativity, so we hope Suzanne keeps her chin up and doesn’t let any nasty comments get her down.

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