Argh! This Woman Was Left With Four Eyebrows When Her Beauty Treatment Went Wrong

It's the stuff beauty nightmares are made of.

Four eyebrows

Imagine the horror: you’ve just shelled out your hard-earned on a beauty treatment you’ve been wanting to have for agessss. You’re super excited to see the results – and then, disaster. The treatment has left you looking worse than when you started, and worse, the results are permanent.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Tyne, a care worker from the UK, who after over-plucking her brows in her younger years, decided to head to her local tattoo studio at the age of 15 to have them corrected.

It wasn’t until her eyebrows started to grow back that she realised her new brows had been tattooed on in completely the wrong place, leaving her with – gulp! – four eyebrows instead of two.

Four eyebrows

“My eyebrows are horrendous,” she revealed on an episode of Bodyshockers, a TV program on Channel 4. “I have my natural set and then tattooed eyebrows above.

“One is higher and thicker than the other, one is thicker, one is thinner. I am stuck with four eyebrows. They are the biggest mistake I have ever done in my life. I am willing to go through anything to get a natural look.”

These days Tyne has to spend nearly €200 a month and two hours a day covering and correcting her tattooed brows.

The lesson? If you’re thinking about having eyebrow tattoos, do your research first. Seek out a reputable tattoo studio and ask to see after pictures from previous clients. Or y’know, just stick with tinting and tweezing if you’re unsure.


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