Ariana Grande Has Fixed Her Failed Japanese Tattoo And Made It ‘Slightly Better’

RIP tiny charcoal grill.

Ariana Grande sent the internet into the lols over the weekend after she accidentally inked “BBQ grill” on her palm in an failed attempt to get a “7 Rings” tattoo. Great news, however, because she’s managed to sort the error rather easily thanks to her “tutor”.

Ari posted the tattoo-fixing saga on her Instagram stories today, showing the advice from her tutor and the plans she and her tattoo artist had to rectify the mistake.

She eventually revealed the new and improved tattoo on her stories—along with the pretty shocking news that she had to take a shot of lidocaine from her doctor to endure the pain.

“RIP tiny charcoal grill. Miss you man. I actually really liked you.” We’re glad she’s seen the humour in all of this.


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