Ariana Grande Has Had To Ask Her Fans Not To Grab Her Friends Without Consent At Her Concerts

Ariana Grande has been forced to ask her fans to not grab her friends at her concerts – Yep….

The No Tears Left To Cry singer is currently on her Sweetener World Tour, where she takes her entire show and entourage to sold our concerts in some of the biggest cities in the world.

Ari is well known for having her friends and family come along for the ride while she’s touring, and always counts on the support of her BFF’s in the front row.

Now, it should go without saying that the star’s pals being at the show is not an invitation for unwanted attention, but apparently it has been an issue for the crew.

Ariana took to social media today to ask her fans to please not ‘grab or touch’ her ‘photographers or friends’ if they were to spot them enjoying the gig – WILD.

“Friendly reminder,” Ariana said in a note to fans on Instagram.

“Grabbing/touching people without their consent is harassment. Please do not put your hands on my photographers or friends or anyone you don’t know for that matter when you’re in the pit at my shows.

“It’s never okay or funny. Thank you. (I can’t believe this has to be said…but unfortunately it happens often…thanks for listening.)”

So this is crazy to us, but the issue of consent is one that constantly needs to be reiterated in daily life, and we love that Ms Grande has her friends back (we love her for this and many other things)

Hopefully her fans are listening!



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