Ariana Grande Just Cut Off Her Signature Ponytail In The Ultimate Post Break-Up Haircut


Ariana Grande is known for her signature long ponytail. However, only last week she talked about how the up-do caused her some serious pain, but we didn’t think she’d do something as drastic as what you’re about to see.

In the ultimate post break-up makeover, Ariana has debuted a fresh new haircut – and her ponytail is no more.

The singer showed off a blunt bob on Friday in a since deleted Instagram post alongside the caption: “this filter took my eyebrows away but i promise they’re there,” she said. Eh, your eyebrows weren’t what we were wondering about, Ari.

It’s not clear whether or not Ariana is keeping the short cut, or if she was between extension sets (we’ve all been there), but we love this new look.

The new chop and release of her breakup anthem ‘Thank you, Next’ combined makes us think Ari is on a journey of reinventing herself, and we’re all about it.


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