Ariana Grande Paid Tribute To ‘First Wives Club’ In Her Performance On The Ellen Show

She is an ICON for female empowerment.

Ariana Grande doesn’t do things in halves, so it was only expected that she would make her first performance of her lastest song ‘Thank You, Next’ pretty memorable.

In the song, Ariana reflects on her past relationships in the most mature and inspiring way ever, thanking her exes (by name) for what they brought to her life and moving on.

The 25-year-old performed the iconic breakup song on The Ellen Show which aired on Wednesday, but she did so while paying homage to the ultimate girl-power movie ever ‘First Wives Club’.

For the performance, Ariana recreated on stage the charity benefit reception from the movie, in which Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn perform Lesley Gore’s feminist anthem “You Don’t Own Me”. Complete with white outfits and nineties dance moves, Ariana and the gals acted out the final scene from the movie in the most heart-warming way.

For those who somehow haven’t had the pleasure of watching the iconic 1996 film—based on a book by Olivia Goldsmith— here’s a clip of the final scene.

The movie follows Keaton, Midler, and Hawn who play friends from college that reunite after the death of a fourth friend. Each are still reeling from the demise of their respective marriages, so the trio decides to seek revenge on their exes. It’s an empowering story of friendship, self-love and heartbreak, so we can see why Ariana relates.

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