Ariana Grande’s 27th Birthday Party Had A Pretty Creepy Theme

An interesting choice.


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Ariana Grande celebrated turning 27-years-old over the weekend. In true celeb style she had all her mates around for a themed bash that included black and white photos in one of those Kardashian-esque photo booths.

But unlike the norm, Ariana was surprised with quite a creepy theme to mark the occasion. Yep, her bash was in fact Midsommar themed. Hmmm.

Anyone who has watched the 2019 horror will understand how truly petrifying and haunting it is. The film is all about a Swedish summer festival gone wrong and instead of it being full of music and laughs, it includes sacrifices and people getting stuffed into bear corpses.

Regardless of it being truly terrifying, Ariana is a stan of the movie and even tried to buy the May Queen costume from the flick earlier this year when it was being auctioned off.


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“My friends and i went with a midsommar theme because help me,” Ariana wrote on Instagram while sharing a selection of pics.

Excited by her choice of them was one, Florence Pugh, who starred as the May Queen in the flick itself.

“Happy birthday sweetheart. You can have the Mayqueen title today,” wrote Florence.

Adding awe for the theme was Hailey Bieber, who said it was “everything”.

Thankfully, there were no recorded sacrifices at Ariana’s bash and instead, they kept things rather Pinterest-like with flowers and linen tablecloths, beautiful centrepieces and smiling guests.

Ariana also shared multiple pics of new beau Dalton Gomez on Instagram while celebrating her birthday. Dalton made his first appearance with Ariana during her music video for Stuck With U featuring Justin Bieber. Since then, we’re seen a few snaps of the real estate agent on Ari’s gram, with a little picture of them kissing now in her collection of birthday snaps – cute!

You can check that out in the slide above.