Ariana Grande’s Manchester Benefit Concert Could Be Taking Place On Sunday

According to Police Chief Ian Hopkins.

Superstar Ariana Grande last week vowed to her fans that she would come back to Manchester to perform a gig to benefit all the victims and families of the horrific terrorist attacks last Monday at her concert in the Manchester Arena. She said that the details were yet to be finalised but that she “would have details to share as soon as everything is confirmed.”

It is now believed that the concert will take place this Sunday in the Lancashire Cricket Club, in Stretford, Manchester.

Since the attacks, that left 22 dead and a further 59 people injured, the people of Manchester have been rallying around the families and supporting any one who has been affected.

Speaking to BBC Radio Manchester, Chief of Police Ian Hopkins confirmed that”Ariana Grande’s team were very keen to come back to Manchester sooner rather than later”  and that he had been working closely with Ariana’s team to ensure the concert could take place this Sunday and for it to be a safe place for all.

Speaking about another scheduled event in Manchester on Sunday, involving Manchester United player Michael Carrick at Old Trafford stadium, Chief Hopkins insisted that he and the Manchester police force would do their best to allow both events to go ahead.

“Clearly we can’t have 65,000 people at Old Trafford for Michael Carrick’s testimonial and 50,000 in Lancashire Cricket Club both at the same time. It would just have caused utter traffic chaos, let alone the security issues for us.

“So yesterday I was speaking personally with Michael and his team who, I have to say, have been brilliant in trying to come to a compromise around enabling us to make sure that both go ahead.”


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