Ariana Grande’s New Merch Is Raising Some Eyebrows For Being A Bit Raunchy

What the thought process was behind this, we'll never know.

If you follow Ariana Grande on any social platforms, you know damn well that her Sweetener/Thank U, Next world tour is underway.

The singer has created a line of merchandise to bring along with her on tour, including Sweetener bum bags and sweaters, but fans have noticed something peculiar about the design…and it’s kind of gas.

A fan of Ari recently posted a photo of a shirt she bought at one of her shows on Twitter, seemingly delighted with her purchase, but other Twitter users quickly brought her down to earth with this revelation.

The merch is simple, with “Sweetener World Tour” written on it, along with some song names…as well as a large penis shaped cloud.

We must admit…it is a bit questionable. Penises aside, fans are also questioning the design of Ariana’s entire merch range, saying they look like they’ve been designed on Microsoft paint.

We’re more shocked that anyone would be expected to pay $75 for a piece of merch regardless of the design.


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