Ariel Winter Admits She Was Body-Shamed When She Was Just 13 Years Old

"I was called a fat hooker..."

Ariel Winter first starred in Modern Family when she was 11 years old, and when her body started to develop at the age of 13, the star became the target of cruel body shaming.

She recently spoke out about the impact this had on her confidence, telling Us Weekly, “I started trying to dress for my body and was called a slut or a fat hooker.

“It got even worse as I was turning 13, 14, 15. It really took so much of my self- esteem. It was really disappointing that people would hate me so much for dressing how I wanted to.”

However, now that she’s older, the 19-year-old is determined to not let online trolls bother her. She told the magazine, “The only person that matters is yourself. If you’re happy, if you’re confident, that’s all that matters.”

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