Ashley Graham’s Swimsuit Shopping Pro Tip Is One Every Woman Should Follow

As a bikini model, she knows her stuff.

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She’s red hot in Nick Jonas’s latest music video, she has her own swimwear line, and she’s modelled bikinis and lingerie for everyone from Sports Illustrated to Vogue.

So when it came to finding a bikini for her recent holiday, the model knew what was what. In fact, she very kindly spilled some of her bikini-buying secrets to Glamour magazine, and there was one in particular that we’ve already added to our shopping cheat sheet.

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Next time you’re on the hunt for swimwear, bring a friend along, and make sure they’re ready to snap a few pictures of you in each item you try on, advises Ashley.

Her reasoning? While you might subconsciously twist and turn in the mirror so that your best side is on show, your friend will have a more neutral eye. “You may know your best angles, but they sure don’t,” she says.

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The model also emphasised the importance of finding a swimsuit that’ll support as well as flatter you. “Shimmy to the left, shimmy to the right, and if nip doesn’t pop out, you’re good to go,” she suggests. WORD.

As for sizing, if you’re the kind who ends up buying a 14 on the bottom and a 10 on top, don’t get stressed. Not only does she always buy swimsuits in multiple sizes when shopping online, Ashley says she ignores size tags as a general bikini-buying rule.

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“I like to go down a size, [but] I hear you’re supposed to go up a size… Honey, I like it tight.”

But her number one tip? Hit the shops when you’re looking and feeling your best. “Never go to the mall, gorge on chicken fingers and then go swimsuit shopping,” she says. “It’s never a cute look!”

Er, can we bring Ashley along next time we hit the Penneys swimwear section?


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