ASOS Want To Blacklist ‘Serial Returners’ Who Buy Clothes, Wear Them, And Return Them

Is that you? Watch yourself.

Have you ever bought something, worn it with the tags on, then returned it? It seems more of us are doing it than we let on – and shops are cracking down on it.

According to new research by Brightpearl, a third of UK retailers claim to have seen an increase in customers bulk buying clothes, wearing them, then sending them back.

ASOS say they have taken to checking people’s social media accounts to catch them in the act of wearing clothes they later returned, or claimed they never received – their security team trawls Facebook and Instagram to see if they’ve posted photos of them sporting the questionably-acquired goods.

The retailer denies that they check up on good customers who simply return regular items (something they say we are “within our rights” to do) but just keep an eye on the messers.

We saw ASOS blacklisting in action last year when TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh claimed she’d been banned from shopping on the site after a watch she bought for boyfriend Ryan Thomas never arrived.

An email from customer service read: “It’s very rare for items to go missing and ASOS have therefore made the decision to not accept any further orders from you.”

It’ll be interesting to see how they sort the actual scammers from customers who just had bad luck, but… serial returners, beware.