ATTN: The Actor Who Plays The Clown From The New It Movie Is Actually A Total Hottie

After seeing the latest trailer, we still wouldn't date him though.

If you haven’t heard about the remake of 90s horror classic It, based on Stephen King’s terrifying novel, where have you been for the past few months?

The first trailer broke records netting 197 million views in 24 hours. On Thursday, the second trailer dropped and we were terrified all over again.

While Pennywise the clown is almost certain to give you nightmares, Bill Skarsgard, AKA the actor who plays him is the stuff of dreams, and the internet has been swooning hard over his boyish good looks.

Aside from being a massive hit with Twitter because of his good looks, it’s seems people are also really repping his talent.

Recognise him? He’s also starred in Simple Simon, Hemlock Grove and Simon & The Oaks.

The only question that remains: are you brave enough to see the movie?

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