Avert Your Eyes! Kate Moss’s T-Shirt Wins The Prize For Most Offensive Fashion Item Ever Worn

Y'know, if there was such a thing.

Kate Moss has sported some iconic looks throughout the years, but this might be her most memorable one yet…

Kate Moss

Reckon she’s just wearing a plain black tee? Wrong.

Put the oversized shirt under the flash of the papparazzi’s cameras and its offensive message is revealed.


Looks like Kate Moss has had it with being papped, eh?

The t-shirt is the creation of designer Nick Knight who says he made it after feeling outraged at the papparazi hounding Kate and her baby daughter at LAX airport.

He wanted to send a clear message to the paps and we reckon this t-shirt certainly does that.

Will we be buying it anytime soon? Probably not, but if you do want to make a statement, albeit a less explicit one, then here are a few slogan tees that won’t get you in trouble with your mammy…

Asos I Only Date Models
Slogan crop, €16.90, Asos

Asos striped t-shirt

Striped tee, €16.90, Asos

Screenshot 2016-07-11 15.41.09

Pizza slogan t-shirt, €11, Boohoo

Screenshot 2016-07-11 15.43.30

Girl power top, €11, Boohoo

Missguided slogan crop top

Slogan crop top, €10.64, Missguided