Awks! Kylie Minogue Has Been Accused Of Photoshopping Her Bum In This Pic

But the singer is having none of it.

Kylie Minogue has just launched her new 2018 calendar but her promotion of it on Instagram has raised more than a few eyebrows.

The 49-year-old shared a snap of herself posing in a pair of hot pants, but fans have been distracted by the seemingly ‘curved’ wall behind her, and have subsequently accused her of photoshopping the image to make her bum look more pronounced.

If you’re struggling to see the so-called curved wall, look at the singer’s bum, then up slightly to the white-painted exterior. There’s an obvious bend in the wall that may or may not be due to wonky Photoshop.

Other fans have called into question the black arm of a chair that can be seen next to her thigh, but the rest of the chair is mysteriously missing. Have a look below:

#Lovers, you can pre-order your 2018 #KylieCalendar now! ❤️? (link in bio)

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However, the Australian star has hit back at the claims and posted a second image to prove that wall is curved in real life, that it wasn’t a botched editing job.

She captioned the pic, “Lovers, you have EAGLE eyes! I’ll ask the Chateau Marmont to straighten their walls but it’s part of the charm! #WonkyWalls However, thanks for being ON IT!”

Not only that, but the mysterious chair from the original image can be seen in plain sight.

She told us!

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