Awks! Lorde Took An Uber Last Night And The Driver Didn’t Have A Notion Who She Was

Lucky for us, Lorde tweeted the whole awkward situ.


Lorde is a pretty well know face. Sure she may be only 19, but with two major hits (Royals and Team) and two Grammy awards under her belt it’s fair to say she’s hit A-list status.

But one Uber driver literally hasn’t a clue who she is – and when Lorde took a lift from him yesterday he was oblivious to the famous face who was sitting in his back seat and even gushed about a ‘celebrity passenger’ that he had in the car just before her.

Lorde took to Twitter to share the awkward exchange, but it doesn’t sound like she was too fazed about not being recognised.

Of course, this little scenario leaves us with two questions: Who has the celebrity that was in the car before her and do the rich and famous really use Uber?!


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